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January 2014

Marketers agree: screen size is a top priority for anyone shopping for their next cell phone but my new consumer survey challenges this conventional wisdom.

January 2014

Social tags are the HTML tags that social networks use to know what to display when one of their users shares your webpage. Because these tags determine how your page is presented in users’ social network feeds, optimizing those tags is an essential part of modern SEO. In this post we’ll look at Facebook and […]

October 2013

I was lucky enough to get the new 2013 high-end Macbook Pro Retina (15″) yesterday and started wondering about how it compares to the mid-2012 Retina (15″) model. On a personal level, I’m also pretty interested in how its gaming performance compares with its predecessor’s.

September 2013

Nearly everyone loves mobile apps that can perform local searches, get directions, or find the nearest decent restaurant. But what’s not so obvious is that these local apps can have hidden bandwidth costs — meaning that, in some cases, they can run up your phone bill in ways you might not expect.

June 2013

Outsourcing blog comments to cloud services such as Disqus or Livefyre offers plenty of advantages: spam protection, analytics, already signed users and deep integration with social networks such as Twitter and Facebook. Those features are appealing. But outsourcing your comments comes with a price: it will slow down your site.  It’s been demonstrated time and […]

May 2013

The next time you think you’re buying an iOS app from Apple’s online store, be warned: it could be a lookalike site. Recently I was redirected via an ad to an Apple-spoofing site at Badoink.

March 2013

Early July 2012, I reported to Apple numerous vulnerabilities related to their App Store iOS app. Last week Apple finally issued a fix for it and turned on HTTPS for the App Store. I am really happy that my spare-time work pushed Apple to finally enabled HTTPS to protect users. This post discuss the vulnerabilities […]

January 2013

Almost one in five US Internet users report that one of their online accounts had been comprised at some point. That is the result of the study I conducted using Google Consumer Surveys.  This a much higher percentage than I imagined and it emphasizes how pervasive account compromises are.

September 2012

Teens and college-age kids like Chrome. Their grandparents would rather use Internet Explorer. That’s an exaggeration, but not much of one: a survey I recently conducted shows that approximately half of Americans 45 years or older prefer Internet Explorer, with the remainder of senior citizens opting for Firefox, Chrome, Safari, or Opera, in that order.

May 2012

When asked what type of online account is the most valuable to you, 45% of the population choose their email accounts over their banking, social network and gaming accounts. Younger generations start favoring social network over email. Women seem more into social networks, men into gaming.

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