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Many Hearthstone cards have a random effect attached to them, such as the piloted shredder which has the random effect “summon a 2-mana cost minion.”

In the middle of a match, it's often hard to recall what the potential outcome of those effects will be -- especially when the range of possible outcomes is extremely large (the piloted shredder, for instance, can summon 67 different minions). To help Hearthstone players keep track of complex effect outcomes and improve their game play, I created a set cheat sheets. Each sheet cheat provided detailed statistics for a given card that trigger a complex effect.

For the impatient the sheet cheats are available here. If you want to visualize all the cards you can try my cards 3D viewer here.

Available sheet sheets

Today, as a first step, I'm releasing cheat sheets for 3 cards: the piloted shredder card, the piloted sky golem card and the old sneed’s shredder card. If these sheets are popular and get good feedback, I'll plan to create and publish the other cards including the Blingtron 3000, the Unstable Portal, and the Bane of doom. So if you have ideas on how to improve these cheats sheet -- or if you simply like them! -- let me know by sharing and this post on your favorite network: Twitter - Google+ - Facebook .

Improving metagame understanding

These sheets are also, I believe, the first comphrensive data-driven analysis of cards with those random effect. I hope they will also help improve our understanding of the meta game and maybe also game casters. I can’t recall the number of times where I heard casters wondering: "What is the probability that a piloted shredder will summon a minion with taunt (6%) or have 3 attack (19.4%)."

Cheat sheet detail

Here's a short explanation of what data is included with each sheet cheat:

  • Card visual - What the card looks like!
  • Game changing outcome -  What are the potentially most game changing outcome that are the result of the effect. For the piloted sky golem is it the minions with the most potent effects that might be summoned. For the Blingtron 3000 it will be the weapons with game changing effects.
  • Effect summary - High level statistics of the effect. For example for the sky golem how many different minions can be summoned (55) and what is the average attack (3) and defense expected (4.2).
  • Minion capabilities - This chart list the probability and number of minions/weapons that have a well known ability such as Charge and Taunt. This is useful for instance if you want to know what are the odd that the sky golem with drop a minion with taunt that will save you. 7.3% is not that bad ;)
  • Attack/health repartition - This chart is meant to help visualize what is the interplay between attack and health for the minions that would be dropped. This chart is needed as it is not easily representable with a simple bar chart. For weapon it will show the relation between durability and attack.
  • Attack distribution - Answer the question: what is the probability to get a minion with X attack. For example the probability to get a minion with 4 attack of the piloted sky golem is 25.5%
  • Health distribution - same as attack distribution but for health :)
  • Minimal attack probability - This chart answer the question: what is the probability to get a minion with at least X attack. For example the probability to get a minion with at least 4 attack out of a sky golem is 67.3%. I have found via beta testing that such answers is often time more useful than the simple attack distribution as you oftentime want to know what it the probability to get a minion that will be able to kill a give card.
  • Minimal health probability - Same than the minimal attack probability distribution but for health.

To know when the next batch will be released, follow me on your favorite social network: Twitter - Google+ - Facebook .

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